Well-Being Blog

Well-Being Blog

I have been trained in Biopsychosocial approach of evaluating and treating an individual with any mental health and addiction problem. While trained at Betty Ford Center in 12-step philosophy, I have explored the significance of spirituality in medicine and have been convinced that the mounting evidence confirms the importance of adding the spiritual component to a Biopsychosocial approach.

In my opinion, the roots of addiction are ingrained in societal norms and values. Therefore, to continue a lifelong personal recovery journey, one must address the above and begin building one’s own foundation for a healthy and balanced life.


There are four important components of a “healthy individual”: nutrition, physical activity, relationship with others (personal, community), and spiritual life. The above components must balance each other in order to achieve a sense of a “well-being”.

My website is providing the list of literature resources for people who are interested in building the foundation of the “well-being” and balanced recovery from any addictive behaviors.

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